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Today In Music History

Featured Artist: Adrian Belew

Chart debut year: 1989 Best known songs include: Oh Daddy (1989) ... Continue Reading Music News Digest: Week Of November 21, 2021

During the week of November 21, 2021, ABBA received its first-ever Grammy nomination in its 48-year history for "I Still Have Faith In You," which is in the running for Record of the Year. ... Continue Reading

Featured Artist: Harry Belafonte

Chart debut year: 1952 Best known songs include: Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me) (1953); Jamaica Farewell (1956); Mary's Boy Child (1956); Banana Boat Song (Day-O) (1957); Cocoanut Woman (1957); Don't Ever Love Me (1957); Hold 'Em Joe (1957); Island In The Sun (1957); Mama Look At Bubu (1957) ... Continue Reading