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Update: Voter Turnout At 35% In Shasta County

Shasta County voter turnout was better than some years. Just over 35% of registered voters cast ballots in the primary. That’s 36,482 out of 103,894

Local law enforcement agencies are disappointed with voters’ apparent unwillingness to pass a county-wide 1% sales tax for public safety. Because it’s a specific tax, the measure needs at least two-thirds of the vote to pass and as of now it only has 47%.

Prop 13, the statewide school bond, needs a simple majority but has only 45%.

In statewide and Congressional races the top two face off in November. That means Doug LaMalfa versus Audrey Denney for Congress, Brian Dahle versus Pamela Swartz for State Senate, and Megan Dahle versus Elizabeth Betancourt for State Assembly.

In the Shasta County Supervisor races, more than 50% wins the seat outright. Otherwise it’s a runoff between the top two in November. District two might be decided, with incumbent Leonard Moty showing 52%. Dale Ball has 31% and Susan Wray Pearce has 17% In District Four a runoff is very likely as the vote was split among 5 candidates. Patrick Jones is showing 41% against incumbent Steve Morgan’s 22% followed by Janis Powell with 20%.