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Wednesday’s Clues Released

It’s Redding Rodeo Week and, as usual, the Asphalt Cowboys with guns a’ blazin’ tried to stop the Lone Stranger and Accomplice from getting away following a bank robbery. As usual, they failed. The Lone Stranger and Accomplice robbed the Golden Valley Bank on Hemsted Drive in Redding a little before 9 O’clock Tuesday morning.

Here is Tuesday’s clue to identify the Lone Strangers.

Sure as luck would have it,
They’ve hit our great town once more;
It’s plains as day the cowboys,
Are flustered to the core.

Here’s Wednesday’s clue:

They fired up a getaway car,
Boss and Rider were on a mission;
The posse must stake their badges,
and put them out of commission.

Guesses on the identities of the robbers can be called in to 223-1188. They can be seen in disguise on our Facebook page in footage captured by KQMS at the scene of the heist.

Here’s Tuesday’s clue to find the loot. It’s never on private property or somewhere that would be dangerous to retrieve it.

The lone stranger first went over,
The sidekick then went under;
Back in the middle they met,
From the bank to stash their plunder.

Here’s Wednesday’s clue for the loot:

To the hills they could not go,
Nor on a mountain peak;
But in the low plains they found,
Solace near one big creek.

Instructions are with the loot that tell how to claim the reward.